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Rules & Regulations

Entry Rules

  • Always maintain your given position in the line up as the program identifies you by your assigned number.

  • All floats must meet appropriate governmental safety codes (see sec.57.22.05LA Municipal Code.) All custom floats and vehicles must have a tow bar.

  • Equestrian judging is optional.

  • Equestrians wishing to be judged MUST BE IN POSITION FOR PRE-JUDGING AT 12:00 p.m.


  • The Kiwanis of Chatsworth will be providing THE ONLY SANTA CLAUS. No other Santa will be allowed in the parade.

  • No political groups will be allowed in the parade.

  • No candy or objects can be thrown from the floats or vehicles. Candies and/or favors may only be distributed at curbside.

  • Forward motion must be maintained at all times. No standing performances along the parade route will be allowed at any time.

  • Only applications received by the deadline will be included in the official Parade Program.

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